Fun Outdoor Activities With a Metal Detector


Fun Outdoor Activities With a Metal Detector 2Metal detecting is among the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the elderly together with their grand kids and any other person. With around $50, an individual can order a metal detector online.

One can take their metal detector to the park, beach including other public places. Today, there are numerous special metal detector trips and excursions one could take part in. One is even free to take their metal detector everywhere they travel.


An individual can choose to be carrying their metal detector whenever they go out for sports. One could come across a metallic object that can prove to be very rewarding. For example, one can use them in golf courses in order to find buried treasures. In addition to that, one can do hunting in the closed golf courses. Similarly, you can carry out metal detecting in a baseball outfield.


While at it, one could consider getting themselves a metal detector to see whether they could come across a valuable metal in the garden. Precious metals could be lying around the yard without the knowledge of the owner.

The good thing is that precious metals such as silver and copper are inert when in contact with the soil. However, its not all cases that one finds a treasure while detecting in the garden. A case in point is that there has been cases where one found a bomb. In such a case, one should report to the police for professional assistance.

Garden Party

This outdoor fun activity is characterized by women. It has even been viewed as a women fun activity. However, an individual can attend such parties and remember to bring their metal detector (Have a look at top valued metal detectors on Women are known to wear valuable metals in their hands, necks and ears as jewels.

Some of these jewels may fall off during the garden party without the owner’s knowledge and someone with a metal detector might just come across them. It is important to consider visiting areas that have previously hosted garden parties as the possibility of coming across a valuable metal is doubled.

Nature photography

Fun Outdoor Activities With a Metal Detector 2It’s a wonderful experience to hear and see birds sing and more fun to capture such events with a camera. This isn’t a fun outdoor activity for nature lovers only but also individuals looking for precious metals can as well find this activity fun. During a nature photography activity, one can bring their metal detector along. There could be a valuable metal out there waiting to be discovered and making the first move is all what is needed.


Having a meal outdoor is an enjoyable experience. It is very easy to combine a picnic with other fun activities. To have a successful picnic, one needs to choose a suitable location and remember to tag their metal detector along. Hiking a hill to view the city downhill can turn out to be a worthy effort.


Having an outdoor walk for leisure can turn out to be a profitable venture. In as much as strolling is a type of exercising, a walk in the park or neighborhood can help kill monotony. People should consider carrying their metal detectors during these walks for they could come across a metal of high value.

In addition, one is in a position to meet other persons who consider metal detecting a fun outdoor activity. Such friendships can be really helpful as people get to exchange metal detecting ideas.

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