How to Pick Outdoor Shoes for Flat Feet

How to Pick Outdoor Shoes for Flat FeetThe condition of having flat feet means that the person does not have any real arch in their foot.  Their feet sit flat on the ground.  This can cause a plethora of issues for a person including overpronation which can lead increase your chances of spraining your ankles.  Flat-footedness often happens when a person’s feet are too weak to maintain their former arch or were always weak for some reason.  Flat feet can be very problematic when trying to wear athletic shoes such as running shoes or tennis shoes.  When wearing these shoes the flat-footed user will feel a lot of pain on their inner arch causing them to favour it by stepping to the outside which is known as overpronation.


Advancement Made for Custom Made


There have been advancements made that now allow people with flat feet to get custom made insoles and shoes that fit the specific shape and arch of any foot, which is very beneficial for persons with flat-footedness.  Regular shoes and boots are made to fit within the bell curve, anybody with very big feet knows this as it becomes very hard to find shoes to fit you, the same goes with people who don’t have the average level of arch in their feet.  If you have a high arch you will find yourself with pain and if you have nearly no arch or flat feet you will have even more pain.


Shoes That are Prescribed

How to Pick Outdoor Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes with custom arch support are often prescribed, which force your feet to sit with a proper arch and will allow someone with flat feet to have the stability that is akin to someone who has arches.  If you want to find shoes with custom support the place to go would be to the podiatrist.  The podiatrist will examine your feet to determine the material that is required and the shape will be set by having you step into a molding device, which will create a mold of your feet to make the custom insole out of.  This mold will be able to be inserted into any shoes that you buy for outside use or inside use if you really want.  All you have to do is take the standard insole out of the tennis shoe and put in your own custom version.  You can take these into any outdoor shoes and they will generally fit.


Wedges work pretty well for flat feet as well.  Wedges can be custom made to take into account each person’s feet.  Wedges can help you avoid the painful condition known as tendinitis, which occurs in people with flat feet over time.  The wedge will work to support the arch and provide you with the same benefit as an custom gel orthotic, but will be less expensive.  It will also be less effective, but it will be much better than going without. You might want to check reviews for some of the best shoes for flat feet before buying.


You can get shoes that have a raised inner sole built into them.  These shoes work for both people with and without flat feet.  The material of the shoe works to raise the arch if it isn’t raised and if it is it has no effect, other than to possible raise the arch further if the arch in the shoe is more prevalent How to Pick Outdoor Shoes for Flat Feetthan the arch in the foot.  This will give the same effect to a person with flat feet that having a wedge will.  This artificial arch will work well to absorb shocks which will reduce the pain you suffer from while using them.  This is perfect for tennis shoes and other outdoor shoe types.


If all else fails your best bet would be to find wide shoes that do not squeeze your foot at all.  If your feet are able to lay flat on the ground just the same as when you’re barefoot then you won’t have the pain issue arising.  The only problem though is that your balance will still be impaired because without an arch you’re not able to use your feet as a springboard to maintain balance the same way someone with a strong arch can.


The balance issue is best solved by getting gel custom orthotic inserts by seeing your podiatrist, this is a highly recommended thing you should do.

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