Protecting Your Ears While Shooting?

If you are already experiencing hearing problem, you might have been exposed to loud noise for a longer time. Any noise exceeding 85dB is capable of causing hearing loss, usually tinnitus or other related hearing problems. However, your ears might be at high risk even if you are not experiencing such problems.

If loud music is straining your ears, it is time you find a quieter place. When in a concert and you cannot talk to someone just two meters away from you, the noise is not friendly to your ears. Therefore, here are crucial tips to help you protect your ears.

Shooting Ear Protection is Important!

ear protection while shooting

When the noise is too loud and you are exposed for a longer time, probably you will develop hearing loss. If you work at a night club or in a noisy factory, you may be entitled to stay within the environment because you are already at work. However, this does not limit you any chance to protect your ears. Use ear protectors while shooting such as earplugs or earmuffs, which will enable clear conversation and ease of hearing whenever someone speaks to you.

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Reduce the volume of your mp3 music player

Apart from music concerts, just a personal music player can damage your hearing. Many folks love listening to music through mp3 players, but the volume might become a serious concern. When you put very high volume, you are risking having hearing loss. The volume should be adjusted such that you can hear external sounds and comfortably talk to someone next to you.

Reduce the volume of your mp3 music player

Listen at 60% of the maximum volume of your mp3 player

Enjoying music from your mp3 player does not necessary mean very loud volume. At 60% you are just okay, but you might be damaging your ears if increased beyond that. Also, you should regulate the number of hours, because too long and loud may damage your hearing. Just an hour per day is enough, unless you turn down volume to as low as 20% of the maximum volume.

Use the right ear protectors when in music concerts

Live music concerts expose ears to excessive noise, which may cause hearing loss. If you feel that you cannot cope with the loud music, get the right ear protectors that can reduce noise levels by 10dB to 15dB. Use of earplugs is recommended when attending music concerts, that is why DJs and musicians usually put on ear protectors.

Reduce music volume while in your car

Your hearing ability is likely to get damaged when you listen to loud music regularly while in a confined place. Your car is one of the enclosed places where music can affect your Reduce music volumehearing, if it is too loud. Therefore, keeping the volume low is a better way to protect your ears.

Raise concern at the workplace

Even though you need to work in order to get money, too much noise is harmful to the health of your ears. It is not advisable to sacrifice your health at the expense of the factory, and therefore you can raise concern with the relevant department. Talk to the Human Resource manager genuinely, and request for further advice.

Give your ears some rest, about 24 hours

When you are just out of a music concert in the morning, it is advisable to give your ears some rest. Most music concerts have up to 100dB sounds, which is too high for the safety of our ears. Attending several concerts continuously can cause hearing damage, especially if the music is too loud. If you don’t consider some bit of recovery, you may develop even a permanent hearing problem!

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