Safety Concerns When using an air Rifle!

There have been a lot of cases of accidentally shooting someone even a son, a daughter, a friend and even a brother or a sister. These reported cases were caused by not taking seriously the safety concerns when using an air rifle. Rifles are not toys to play. Handle these rifles with proper guidance. Perhaps, you may have heard about people accidently died of rifle handling.

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Yes, we are talking about air rifle but never underestimate air rifles for their powers vary. In fact, only the CO2 is the least powerful from the three kinds of propulsion. But, the rest of the propulsion are powerful like that of pneumatic and piston. These three have ammo on their pellets so they may kill people like other high-powered guns.

These illustrations challenge all gun owners to be sensitive to the lives of other people. You should always be reminded that accidents may happen anytime, anywhere and in the most unexpected time.

Be a responsible Gun owner! To become one of the responsible gun owners,  master these safety concerns when using an air rifle and learn from their experiences.

  1. Common Mistakes of Gun owners, they failed to position the rifle in a right direction. Rifles should be pointed in a safe direction. I know of my friend who accidentally died of mishandling the gun. He was shot by a person who very closes to your hearts. By placing the gun pointed in a safe direction means safeguarding the lives of the people around.responsible Gun owner
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. I know of a Police Officer who accidentally shot his arm while cleaning the barrel. This simply illustrates that every time you hold the gun, finger must be triggered off from the gun.
  3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. Guns have to be unloaded especially when they are placed in any corners of the house and even offices. These will allow them to feel that life is value.
  4. Always use the most recommended gear for your safety. The more quality the good protection. There is a lot of varieties while choosing the right tactical gear, you may investigate further from

Part of this challenge is to put the gun in safer direction and should be away from you and trigger and must release the finger off. A Police Officer once shared to us the story of his life while cleaning the gun. He was serious in telling us that all ammo was unloading prior to cleaning. To his surprise, when he was about to finish cleaning, a sudden bang was heard and was he shot. Lesson learned; never underestimate the capability of the gun.

How do we know therefore if the gun was successfully unloaded?

Well, check whether in unloaded by removing the magazine, opening the action and visually inspecting the chamber.

Therefore, in handling guns, always remember the safety concerns when using an air rifle. Master the basic principle by saying, always point the gun in a different direction, keep your fingers off and always keep the gun unloaded.



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