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In the literal sense of the word, portable toilets have been around for a couple of centuries now. However, major developments to accommodate the evolving needs of people have arrived. In the past, chamber pots were portable toilets where users can just throw away the contents in a special site. Today, portable toilets pretty much employed the same idea although there are significant improvements to make it more convenient and less of a hassle. Typical versions are available to offer privacy and safety through a plastic enclosure and are most commonly used during street festivals and parades, in construction sites, and even in outdoor parties. The toilet bowl mostly contains chemicals instead of water to control the unpleasant odor and acts as a disinfectant as well. Depending on your budget, luxurious portable toilets are also available for use at a higher price that includes wash basins, napkins, and hand dryers.

toilets for camping

Hunting and Camping

Portable toilets are not only useful in big cities and streets, but also for those who are fond of going out into forests and camp sites. There is a common notion that these activities mean having to sacrifice your own hygienic practices for the sake of adventure. Camp sites generally have bathroom facilities for its customers, but for those who are setting up camp in remote areas it is a huge burden to walk for miles just to relieve themselves. Not only is it a waste of time and effort, it is also dangerous especially at night. Gone were the days where camping and hunting trips are instantly turned down by those who cannot survive without a decent restroom. It is as important as your apparel like your boots. Nowadays, there are several kinds of portable toilets that can suit your different needs and preferences.

The simplest type is the bucket toilet, which as the name goes, acts like a bucket to hold the waste and is the cheapest among the others. Some people can even make their own if they are handy enough. The next one is the collapsible toilet that is readily foldable, lightweight and is easy to carry around anywhere. This is great for those who are saving on space while traveling with family. Collapsible toilets feature a seat on top and a plastic waste bag underneath to take care of the waste and for easy disposal. There are variations to this kind according to your desired level of comfort as some manufacturers offer seat cushions to protect your buttocks.

Hunting and Camping

Finally, the most exquisite type is the flushable toilet that offers the greatest comfort to hunters and campers, and is the most expensive among the three. To make this possible, it has a plumbing system and a water tank to flush the waste, and a second tank to store it. It is necessary to put chemicals in the holding tank, usually with formaldehyde, to delay the decomposition of the waste which causes the foul odor in toilets. Different sizes are available whether you are only out for a few days or a little longer, which on average requires 10 gallons to reduce the number of emptying the tanks.

Maintaining Hygiene / Portable Toilets

To protect yourself from unwanted diseases, treat your portable toilets like you would treat a regular toilet at home. Always disinfect the seat before and after especially for multiple users. Prepare hand soap, sanitizer, and bathroom tissues to keep yourself disinfected but avoid throwing anything in the bowl to avoid clogging, unless you are using dissolving tissues which are costlier. Expert websites like, reminds to become mindful of the type of chemicals that you are using for your toilet since there are specific ways to handle its disposal. You have to become aware of the rules to avoid accidentally dumping the waste and chemicals near a sewerage system or worse, a water treatment plant. Look for the designated disposal area otherwise, you must bring it back to your home and flush it in your own toilet.

Whatever you do, be a responsible camper and think about the health and safety of others as well.


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